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Terms of Use
ProThink® App

Definition of key words

  • User – is the individual that downloads the ProThink® app and uses one or more features of the app.

  • Resilience – is one’s ability to keep working towards an objective in spite of performance variations and ability to bounce back from any performance blips, in order to achieve independent milestones or the ultimate Objective in its entirety.

  • ProThink® - is a Resilience Transformation and Performance Improvement Tool. It is designed to help the users with a structured format of – (1) analysing 6 factors that affects one’s resilience, (2) assessing their objective & providing guidance on the scope of the objective as necessary, (3) providing an action plan and set of activities, (4) coaching the Resilience technique that Sid Godbole has developed and (5) helping Users undertake tasks on a range of milestones towards the ultimate objective.

  • Part I – ProThink® Diagnostic & Report

  • Part II – ProThink® Objective

  • Part III – ProThink® Action Plan and Resilience Technique

  • Part IV – ProThink® Activity Calendar

  • Part V – ProThink® Analytics and Continuous Improvement


Proper or Expected usage of the app and User rights / responsibilities

  • ProThink® is designed with a fair and transparent objective of helping the User achieve the milestones and / or the Ultimate Objective.

  • ProThink® acts as one of the tools the User may wish to deploy towards their journey of achieving milestones and / or the Ultimate objective.

  • User is expected to answer all the 18 questions of the Part I – ProThink® Diagnostic with absolute honesty.

  • User is expected to view the findings of the Part I Diagnostic and suggestions on improvement purely based on their responses to the 18-question diagnostic. User is expected to contact Sid Godbole if there are unanswered questions that they think are likely to have an impact on the diagnostic or indeed need any further support.

  • User is expected to acknowledge that the suggestions in the Part II – ProThink® Objective are based on their responses to 4 questions asked. User is expected to contact Sid Godbole if there are other factors that are affecting their Objective setting process.

  • User is expected to choose as many activities as relevant to their milestones and / or Objective in Part III – ProThink®. The User also has the opportunity to add activities of their own and the User is also expected to complete the calendar for activities suiting their personal and professional commitments. The “technical”, “tactical”, “psychological” and “physical” guidance offered in the Part III – ProThink® Action Plan and Resilience Technique is based on Sid Godbole’ professional experience and track record in the field of Cricket, Corporates and research underpinning development of ProThink®.

  • User is expected to make use of the Part IV – ProThink® Activity Calendar as they have defined in the calendar, unless of course, there is a compelling reason such as health, change of commitment due to unexpected events, to forgo some activities. ProThink® has the functionality to amend the calendar if the User wishes to. The User is also expected to grade their use of Resilience technique at the end of every calendar day.

  • The User is expected to use The Part V – ProThink® Analytics and Continuous Improvement section to review their progress towards the milestones and / or the ultimate objective and get in touch with Sid Godbole for further modifications to the programme or avail additional guidance from Sid Godbole.

  • User is responsible for appropriate use of ProThink® as outlined above.


Intellectual property protection

  • ProThink® is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom with Trademark application number UK00003454542


Accountability for actions, behaviour and conduct

  • ProThink® Resilience Tool has been designed to aid progression of the User towards individual milestones or the Ultimate Objective they wish to achieve. It has been designed with absolute transparency, openness, fairness and integrity. The User is also expected to play their part answering diagnostic questions, setting the objectives, undertaking activities and following up the suggestions with similar values. Whilst ProThink® takes the responsibility for the design of the tool and the guidance offered, the User takes the responsibility for their actions, behaviours and conduct to work ethically and honestly towards their Objective.    


Payment details for purchases made through App store

  • ProThink® app is designed as an empowering tool for the User. Hence, it is completely free to download and free to use all the features of the app up to 7 days from the time of download.

  • ProThink® app charges nominal fees after 7 days of download to continue the use of the app and all the features.


Disclaimers and warranties

  • ProThink® Resilience Tool has been designed to aid progression of the User towards individual milestones or the ultimate objective they wish to achieve. ProThink® does not guarantee achievement of Objective for a User as the personal circumstances and commitments may not help devote sufficient time for the activities and techniques outlined in the app. The User is always encouraged to commence correspondence and initiate a dialogue with Sid Godbole in the event he/she is unable to achieve milestones or the Objective in its entirety.


Procedure for account termination

  • If the User wishes to terminate the account due to unforeseen circumstances, they are advised to delete the account from the mobile unit.


Exclusion or Limitation of Liability

  • On the basis of the “Accountability for actions, behaviour and conduct” section, the User agrees that ProThink® shall in no event be liable for any consequential, accidental, incidental, indirect, direct, special, punitive or any other loss as a result of non-achievement of milestones or the ultimate Objective. In no event shall ProThink®’ entire liability to the User in respect of ProThink® services exceed the app charges or additional fees paid by the User.


Notification of modification of terms

  • ProThink® will review the Terms of Use / Terms and Conditions of the app from time to time and will notify the modifications of the terms to the User.

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