ProThink Diagnostic

Welcome to Resilience Diagnostic. Please fill in the questionnaire and answer all 18 questions. There is only one answer for each question.
1. Do you have a clear Goal in mind you are aiming to achieve?
2. Are you always excited with the thought of this Goal & how great it would be to achieve it?
3. How good you are at following processes whilst executing tasks towards your Goal?
4. How well you are able to focus on tasks towards your Goal?
5. Once disturbed, how quickly do you go back to focusing on the tasks?
6. How confident are you in relation to achieving your Goal?
7. If confidence does suffer, what do you do to restore it to original level?
8. If confidence does suffer, how quickly do you restore it to original level?
9. Are you able to visualise successful outcome for your Goal?
10. Does the Goal itself cause you any stress?
11. Does lack of progress towards achievement of Goal cause any stress?
12. Do any "Internal" or "External" factors cause stress?
13. How quickly do you bounce back from a setback to your Goal?
14. Scenario A: If you set a Goal of running 10Km, what would you focus on?
15. Scenario B: If you set a Goal of climbing an 800m high hill, what would you focus on?
16. Scenario C: Next opportunity is the only opportunity for you to achieve your Goal, what would you focus on?
17. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up?
18. How do you feel if you are unsuccessful in achieving a milestone or a Goal itself? (Tick one that reflects the most)

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