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Context - Problem & Opportunity!

Contextualisation of a #problem uncovers magnitude of an #opportunity!

Many UK-wide Housing Associations have opted for 4% - 4.1% rent rise as a result of inflation, rising costs & need for portfolio re-investments.

The 5-year #social #rent increase policy until 2025 may suggest that such rent increases are unlikely to be one off and the 2022-23 #discretionary #housing #payment fund for local authorities has also been cut by 29%!

This is the best time for an inside-out view and the sector has a massive opportunity to:

1. Monetise #efficiency,

2. Rediscover #cash #releasing benefits within the business, and

3. Convert tenants' social wellbeing & #economic #independence initiatives as self-sustaining solutions!

The Lean Six Sigma approach will help identify the first two and the sector-led innovation will help with the third.

We are just a message away to help you contextualise a business critical issue and identify a solution!

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