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Housing Target & Lean Six Sigma

Whether it's a 300,000 homes per year or a revised target for England, the #efficiency and #cost of #poorquality are going to be the two important considerations for the Affordable Housing and Real Estate sector providers.

A corrective action on both will ensure that the delivery on speed, quality and customer requirements will help bridge the shortage of new build homes and at the Decent Homes standard as a minimum.

The cost of poor quality analysis in particular is often difficult and sometimes neglected as some of the intangible costs are not easy to record. But it is a significant one to mitigate activities that lead to poor quality and tend to be cost a lot.

In times of inflationary pressures, it is ever so important to integrate Lean Six Sigma within an organisational culture, improve operational efficiency, reduce waste & the costs associated with poor quality.

Let's connect if an insight from us into Lean Six Sigma helps your business too!

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