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Lean 6σ & Grassroots sports!

Lean 6σ is about reducing process variation in a product or service and minimising waste.

The #process and the #data are two important ingredients in the Lean 6σ mix. Is the process capable of delivering a product / service within customer-specified expectations every single time and does a business or an individual have sufficient data to act on it?

These two...are incredibly significant when an individual is learning a new skill and the grassroots sports is a good example for the application of Lean 6σ. I have been involved with grassroots #cricket since 2013 and the advent of technology, mobile apps and progression towards a data-centred environment has certainly helped coaches tailor training programmes to the player's needs.

As each player is unique in skills, physical capability & psychological toughness, the readers would not be wrong to presume that the skills execution process will be difficult to standardise and, impossible to mitigate the variation!

It is possible though and a skills infrastructure is the starting point for a club! Developing a skills infrastructure and a sound coaching framework is a #quality centric approach and a first step towards Lean 6σ. We have done that with a North West London based cricket club over the last 2 years and now have embarked on a #standardisation toolkit so the players, coaches and the club have sufficient data to reduce the process variation.

The quality centric & Lean approach is equally applicable to all walks of life and will go well beyond sports for that player too. A real Win-Win here!!!

Let's connect if your club, academy or your child can benefit from our work in #sports, #cricket and #leansixsigma!

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