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Impossible -> Feasible journey!

Finances of the #affordablehousing sector as a whole are strong, yet absorbing a G15-estimated increase in cost of #gas by 207% and #electricity by 32.7% next year will create additional pressure.

What can housing associations do to overcome, what seems like, an insurmountable situation?

Well, a scientific Lean Six Sigma, Waste reduction and Value creation approach can certainly help the sector in 3 ways:

1. Streamline business operations to generate additional #monetary #value,

2. Optimise New build programme and Housing services to reduce #cost, and

3. Use the first two to #accelerate focus on Scope 1 & Scope 2 #ghg emission reductions to contain or reduce gas & electricity bills.

The Lean approach always paves the way!

We are just a message away if you are on the "impossible ->difficult -> possible -> feasible" spectrum too!

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