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Dissatisfiers -> Delighters!

As Lean Six Sigma is about customer requirements and achieving critical to quality inputs to a process, be a manufacturing or a service delivery one, it gives businesses an opportunity to review customer happiness!

It helps them distinguish between customers that are the #dissatisfiers, the #satisfiers and the #delighters.

When the customer requirements & experience are exceeded with the product or service functionality, you have a delighted customer. When they aren't, you have the dissatisfiers and in between are the ones who are satisfied with what's received but still have some unmet expectations to be the delighters!

A distinction, analysis and a further action by a business is a great feeder for a stronger organisational culture where #efficiency & #value creation runs across the business units and for continuous improvement.

Let's connect if you want to explore these three categories of your customers and see how we can transform the dissatisfiers into the delighters!

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