Cricket Coaching

Cricket Coaching and Resilience / Mental Toughness in Cricket

As a former First Class cricket player, Sid has the experience of preparing towards and playing in a highly competitive environment. His credentials include:

  • First Class Batting average 36 and Bowling economy of 2.36

  • County U-19 Batting average 57

  • ECB qualified Level 2 cricket coach

  • U-11 club team, crowned Middlesex County Division champions 2 years in a row

  • 4 players represented Borough Team

  • Currently coaching 14+ age group and University Team


Along with cricketing skills, resilience and mental toughness are essential ingredients in cricket and equally, any competitive sport. Our coaching methodology & ProThink® diagnostic enables a cricket player focus on the right processes and to execute skills under testing environments. The players improve physical, technical, tactical and psychological aspects of the game. The club wins trophies, improves brand image and attracts budding sport enthusiasts.


Cricket-skills development through 1-2-1 Coaching & ProThink®

  • Batting

  • Bowling

  • Fielding

  • Catching

  • Scenario-based up-skilling


Holistic Development of a cricket player through ProThink®

  • Technical Skills Development

  • Physical Strengthening

  • Tactical Awareness

  • Psychological / Resilience Development

Collaboration with                        & Online Coaching

Sid has partnered with Ludimos to offer unique, personalised "Online Coaching" with the help of data driven smart tools.


Ludimos platform is an innovative engagement with cricket players where: 

  • Videos are uploaded, thoroughly analysed and online feedback provided on Batting, Bowling & Fielding.

  • The platform uses Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to offer frame-by-frame feedback.

  • The players access feedback easily and retain it for continuous development.

  • It helps them develop exceptional insight into technicalities of the game and Sid follows that with an Action Plan to improve player's performance.   

Coaching Routes

There are a number of routes a player can benefit from Sid' experience and First Class cricket background:

(Route A) Resilience Improvement Diagnostic and Action Plan

  • ProThink® diagnostic on Resilience and Mental Toughness Improvement

  • Action Plan to improve technical skills and psychological focus in cricket.

(Route B) Pay As you Go Online Coaching

  • To help with a specific technical development in Batting, Bowling or Fielding through Video analysis but without 1-2-1 on-field engagement

(Route C) 1-2-1 + Video Analysis + Resilience Improvement

  • 1-2-1 Coaching Session/s

  • Video Analysis through Ludimos portal

  • ProThink® diagnostic on Resilience and Mental Toughness Improvement

  • Action Plan and Follow up

Bucephalus Consulting Ltd, registered in England and Wales, company number 12331747