Business Mentoring

International Accelerator Programme

Sid Godbole is an experienced mentor, with one of the engagements being on an exciting Accelerator Programme that helps overseas start-ups and established brands expand in UK and Europe. Some of the firms Sid worked with are as follows: 


  • A​danced technology platform that transforms organisational workforce through AI-enabled learning. It acts like a virtual coach that understands and assimilates employee's learning styles, provides intelligent content and course recommendations bespoke to their learning needs.

  • Advanced technology firm that enhances physical asset' life cycle through AI Powered digital twin platform. Their solutions are particularly relevant to (1) Construction Management and (2) Smart City Management.

  • Advanced technology firm that uses advanced AI, Deep Learning and proprietary algorithms to offer customised solutions to surveillance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and entertainment verticals. 

Sid is also associated with a number of global providers of technology in B2B domain and is helping them connect with B2B Buyers in UK and Asia.

Business Mentoring Programme

Our Mentoring Programme targets and helps:

  • Business Heads

  • CEO

  • MD

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Sole Traders

Objective of the programme is to help on either or all of:

  • Performance Transformation across business units

  • Introduction to new markets, new geographical areas

  • Macro-conceptualisation to micro-implementation of business plans

  • Culture change for performance sustainability

  • Product, People, Process or Technology led Innovation

  • Stage specific B2B, B2C product / service journey support

Engagement methodology of the programme is:

  • 3,6,9 or 12 month engagement with the Business Head

  • Pre-defined weekly / fortnightly meetings

  • Regular progress review against Programme Objective

  • "Value-4-Money", affordable pricing for daily rate