Business Consulting

Sid Godbole has transformed operational landscapes across Technology, Housing / Construction, BPO and Engineering sectors. His track-record offers a unique opportunity for businesses to benefit from deployment of ProductPeople, Process and Technology led innovation. Some of the achievements listed as follows:

Black Drone
Advanced Tech & Innovation Deployment
  • CEO (Innovation Vehicle) and Director of Business Development

  • Strategic engagement with $5Bn Corporate and a number of global providers of advanced technology

  • Deploying innovative sales channel for unresponsive clients

  • Leading on "Value-Aggregation" and developing INNOVO Network ecosystem of B2B suppliers & buyers

  • Engaging with PE / VC / Family Offices and introducing investors to mobilise investments

  • Mentoring advanced technology firms for an International Accelerator Programme

Housing / Construction
  • Review and Solutions for the New Build Development Gateways' programme of £450m social housing association 

  • Growth Strategy lead for a start-up arm of £220m social housing association

  • Innovative business model from macro-conceptualisation to micro-implementation led to

    •  9-fold increase in service users

    • £2.43 ROI /£1 investment and £1.1m cash savings

    • £6.6m of monetary benefits and £6.1m of social impact

    • Efficiency improvement on BPO service contracts by 4.9%

    • £2.1m of additional inward investment into business operations

  • BPR project to devise end-to-end New Build process on digital platform

Business Handshake
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Multi-million £ BPO contracts

  • Strategic & Innovative lead to develop growth strategy

  • Process & Performance capturing frameworks for £38m BPO contracts

  • BPO performance improvement by 11% & revenue generation capability by £3m

  • BPO EBITDA increase 19% to 35%

  • Staff performance improvement by 30%

  • Qualitative performance improvement Grade 4 to Grade 2 OfSTED

Engineering Sketch
  • End-to-end production line of engineering product. Experience of managing a number of disciplines such as: 

    • Procurement 

    • Stocking

    • Production

    • Sales

    • After Sales & Service

    • Staff recruitment, retention and development